A N D R O G Y N Y a series by Rebecca Jenkins featuring model Giuseppe Buonvino. The aim was to create a look that uses feminine items like pink lace and makeup, but also shows masculine features. At the same time we wanted to explore the line between confidence and a fragility that…

Model Julian Wohlers with his children, photographed by Rebecca Jenkins

“Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art.” Assorted food photography by Jenkins Photography.

An die Zukunfts-Seelen „Ich wandle einsam hin auf dieser Erde, Der Lust, dem Leben längst schon abgewandt; Es teilt mein Seelenleben kein Gefährte, Die Seele gab es nie, die mich verstand.” (Kaiserin Elisabeth, Poetisches Tagebuch S. 214) Essie as Elisabeth in a series photographed by Rebecca Jenkins. These images are inspired by Empress Elisabeth as…

Swedish Band Ye Banished Privateers, photographed by Rebecca Jenkins.

Musical actors Eva Maria Bender (Facebook, instagram) & Rob Pitcher in a series inspired by Film Noir, photographed by Rebecca Jenkins

Photographer Rebecca Magdalena Models & Styling Essie, Jim & Abbyll

Photographer Rebecca Jenkins Model Essie  

Photographer: Rebecca Jenkins Model, Styling & MUA: Essie Assistant: Nina Jungermann

Photographer: Rebecca Jenkins Model: Patrick

Photographer: Rebecca Jenkins Model: Maren

Photographer: Rebecca Jenkins Model: Pia Isabel